How to Choose High-quality PVC Foam Boards?

How to Choose High-quality PVC Foam Boards?


If you buy low-quality PVC foam board, it will cause the processed finished product to become a defective product. This article will specifically introduce the method of choosing a high-quality PVC foam board.

How to Choose High-quality PVC Foam Boards?
the characteristics and uses of PVC foam board

The quality of PVC foam board is related to the application effect and performance, we should avoid choosing inferior PVC foam board when choosing. To judge the pros and cons of PVC foam board, you can consider the following five factors.

Observe the color of the surface

If the color of the PVC foam board surface is yellow, or the color is not pure, with other variegated colors, then there must be a problem with the formula of this kind of foam board, or the production process is not good. If it is used for advertising printing, The printed effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we must choose a PVC foam board with pure color and no color difference.

Measure the thickness of eight parts

Because the uneven thickness of the PVC foam board will cause trouble for our secondary addition, for example, the size of some places is wrong. Therefore, we must measure whether the thickness of the eight major parts is the same. The eight parts are the four corners and the middle part of the four sides.
Observe whether there are pores in the cross-section

If there are pores in the cross-section of the PVC foam board, the foaming of this foam board must be uneven. This is a relatively poor production process. It will also occur in the interior of the board, that is, the middle position. Cells, then, the force of this inferior foam board will be uneven, and it is easy to deform or break somewhere.

Pay attention to the error of density and thickness

We need to observe whether the density and thickness are in line with what the merchant says. If you want to buy a 0.55 density PVC foam board, and the merchant only gives you 0.5 density, the price difference is also a lot, and the hardness of the board will also change. Low, the weight of the board is much lighter. A difference of 0.5mm in thickness will also cause the same result as above. Therefore, we have to carry a thickness gauge along with us to check the thickness.

Pay attention to whether it is an environmentally friendly model

When we choose PVC foam board, we must show the safety and environmental protection inspection certificate of the PVC foam board. If there is no certificate, then it is likely to be produced with non-environmental protection materials or recycled materials. You must know that excessive heavy metals in the PVC foam board are harmful to the human body.

Many people don't know how to choose when choosing. At this time, we need to choose the appropriate PVC foam board according to the actual application scenario. If you want to learn more about PVC foam board after reviewing the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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