How to Deal with the Problems That Occur when Pvc Foam Board is Used As Wallboard?

How to Deal with the Problems That Occur when Pvc Foam Board is Used As Wallboard?


When PVC foam board is used as wallboard decoration, we need to deal with the failures that occur. This article will specifically introduce the problems and solutions when PVC foam board is used as a wallboard.

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PVC foam board is a new type of decorative material, which is easy to install and has a beautiful decorative effect. It can be used as a wall panel decoration. In the extrusion process of PVC foam board as wallboard, the following problems often occur, then we have to take some measures to deal with it.

1. The wall panel is not straight

First, check whether the shaping die and the die are aligned. Generally, the wall panel is bent upwards, which may be because the shaping die and the die are not aligned, and the shaping die is higher. When the wall panel is bent downwards, the molding die is lower. After the shaping die and the die have been aligned, check whether the water cooling tank, traction and saw table is aligned with the shaping die.

After excluding the above reasons, it may be caused by the following two reasons.

(1) Insufficient cooling of wallboard products

The temperature is still high after exiting the water cooling tank, and it is distorted under external force. The adjustment method is to increase the amount of cooling water in the sizing mold and the water cooling tank or reduce the temperature of the cooling water, and then reduce the production speed.

(2) The discharging speeds on both sides are inconsistent

The adjustment method is to adjust the temperature on both sides of the mold to the same and observe for half an hour. If there is no change, increase the temperature of either side by a few degrees, or lower the temperature on which side the material is fast. A few degrees.

2. Partial unevenness

Generally, the local unevenness of the wallboard is mainly caused by the vacuum setting stage of the setting mold. If the vacuum degree is not enough, or the cooling water of the shaping mold is not enough, the adjustment method is to increase the amount of cooling water in this part and increase the vacuum degree through water sealing to speed up the cooling rate of the wallboard products.

3. The overall surface of the wall panel is not smooth

The reason is that the overall temperature of the mold is too high or the vacuum pump of the extruder is not working properly. Reduce the temperature of the mold by a few degrees or clean the vacuum pump of the extruder.

4. The wallboard is cracked

Check whether the wallboard is damaged or ingress of water, or whether the lubricant content in the formula is too high, or whether inferior stabilizers are used.

5. The density is too large and the foaming is not good

First check whether the lubrication is balanced, then appropriately reduce the amount of foaming agent or increase the amount of regulator to see if it is effective, and then adjust according to feedback.

If the above problems occur in the PVC foam board, then we must carry out the targeted treatment. If you want to know more about PVC foam board after reading the above, you can get professional solutions by contacting us.

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