Common Problems and Solutions of PVC Foam Board in the Manufacturing Process

Common Problems and Solutions of PVC Foam Board in the Manufacturing Process


Any operation settings of the PVC foam board during the manufacturing process will affect the quality of the final product. This article will specifically introduce the common problems and solutions of PVC foam board in the manufacturing process.

Common Problems and Solutions of PVC Foam Board in the Manufacturing Process
the specific uses of PVC tarpaulin

PVC foam board is made by adding foaming agent and flame retardant and is extruded by special equipment. It is moisture-proof and non-absorbent. Now it is widely used in the construction and decoration industries. If the following problems occur in the manufacturing process of PVC foam board, it is necessary to carry out targeted treatment to prevent the manufacture of inferior products.

Yellowing of the board

Reason: Extrusion temperature is too high or stability is insufficient

Solution: If lowering the processing temperature is useless, you can adjust the formula and appropriately add stabilizers and lubricants.

Yellowing in the middle of the board

Reason: The temperature of the mold in the core of the barrel is too high or the amount of lubricant is inaccurate

Solution: Reduce the temperature of the mold at the core of the barrel and adjust the amount of lubricant appropriately.

Board bending

Reason: uneven material flow or insufficient cooling. The factors that cause uneven material flow are generally large traction fluctuations in the formulation or uneven internal and external lubrication.

Solution: Generally, under the premise of minimizing external lubrication, adjust internal lubrication to ensure uniform cooling.

Cells appear in the cross-section

Reason: insufficient melt strength.

(1) It may be that the foaming agent is too much, the foaming regulator is not enough, or the ratio of the two is not coordinated.

(2) The foaming regulator has quality problems.

(3) Poor plasticization, low processing temperature, or excessive lubrication.

Solution: According to specific reasons, deal with it in a targeted manner. For example, adjust the ratio of foaming agent and foaming regulator, replace the foaming regulator in time, increase the plasticizing temperature or reduce the amount of lubrication.

Uneven board thickness

Reason: uneven discharge

Solution: The opening of the die lip can be adjusted. If the flow rate is too high, the formula can be adjusted.

The thickness of the sheet has changed

Reason: It is related to the mixture.

Solution: Adjustable traction or processing temperature.

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