6 Points of Post-processing of Pvc Foam Board

6 Points of Post-processing of Pvc Foam Board


If the PVC foam board is improperly handled in the post-processing, it will affect the performance and quality of the finished product. Let’s learn the six key points of the post-processing of PVC foam board.

6 Points of Post-processing of Pvc Foam Board
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PVC foam board processing needs to avoid too high a working temperature. In addition, the debris generated after processing can be collected, recycled, and remanufactured to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. The followings are some key points in the post-processing of PVC foam board.

(1) You can use the engraving machine to shape according to the design drawing and then choose whether the surface is to be pasted with Minai board or baking varnish. If it is a hollow foam board, you need to pay attention to it. When the surface is uneven, you can only choose the vacuum overmolding method.

(2) Bending molding is only suitable for solid foamed boards, not for hollow foamed boards. The processing method is to cover the surface of the wooden mold with aluminum plates and heat the solid foam board to a plasticizing temperature of 70~90℃, and then use the upper and lower molds to directly extrude the shape.

(3) When self-adhesive PVC is extruded and manufactured, the surface can be printed with wood grains of different textures according to the requirements, which can save unnecessary processing procedures.

(4) The surface of the PVC foam board can be painted. According to the different processing methods, it can be divided into general baking varnish, piano baking varnish, and ceramic baking varnish. Anti-UV ingredients are added during piano baking paint processing to avoid changes in surface color.

(5) The common processing method is to paste a crystal board (usually a single-sided colored acrylic board), Minai board, and Minai paper on the surface. General processing will be based on automatic edge banding machines, and automatic edge banding machines will be divided into two types: roller type and crawler type. However, if it is a hollow foam board, it is recommended to use a color similar to the surface coating material to avoid after the coating is pasted, it shrinks, showing obvious chromatic aberration.

(6) Drilling can benefit the crawler-type edge banding machine so that it is not easy to cause unevenness on the surface after edge banding, and pressure adjustment is also very important. The color of the foam board is also directly processed by NC machines to drill holes, and the material itself can be reduced in density according to the application to increase the air content of the foam board itself, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation.

If you do not pay attention to the above points in the post-processing, it is likely to cause unevenness on the surface of the PVC and poor performance. If you want to know the information and solutions related to PVC foam board after reviewing the above, you can contact Souda for professional advice.

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