What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to when Adding Fluorescent Whitening Agent to PVC Foam Board?

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to when Adding Fluorescent Whitening Agent to PVC Foam Board?


The correct addition of a high-quality fluorescent whitening agent can increase the whiteness and brightness of the PVC foam board. Let's talk about what problems should be paid attention to when adding fluorescent whitening agents to PVC foam boards.

some precautions when adding a fluorescent whitening agent to PVC foam board

PVC foam board is one of the plastic products with the largest output today, and its application fields are also very wide. The raw material of PVC foam board is PVC resin, and the appearance of PVC resin is mostly light yellow. The reason why the foam board we usually see is so white is mainly that the manufacturer has added the fluorescent brightener for the foam board.

The fluorescent whitening agent is not white, but a kind of leuco dye. Its whitening principle is: absorb the ultraviolet light in the sun (wavelength 300~400nm), excite the electrons in the molecule, and then return to the ground state. A part of the energy disappears and is converted into blue-violet visible light with lower energy and reflected (wavelength: 420~500nm).

This can offset the yellow feeling of the PVC foam board due to excessive yellow light in the reflected light, and mix with the heavy yellow light reflected from the PVC foam board into white light. The PVC foam board not only increases the whiteness but also increases the reflectivity, which improves the brightness of the fabric.

The commonly used fluorescent brightener for PVC foam board is FP-127. To judge the effect of the brightener, we mainly judge by the whiteness.

The whiteness is not only related to the amount of fluorescent whitening agent but also related to the compatibility of the resin and the light resistance of the foam board. Fluorescent brighteners with good compatibility and light resistance will have a better whitening effect and lasting. The followings are some precautions when adding a fluorescent whitening agent to PVC foam board.

1. Pay attention to the amount of fluorescent whitening agent added. Sometimes the product will turn yellow when it is added with a fluorescent whitening agent., it will turn yellow. The reason for this is the amount of whitening agent added. The more the better, but there is a limit. If you add too much, it will cause the brightener to precipitate. The general addition amount is 0.02%-0.05%.

2. Application method and process. The application of fluorescent whitening agents must be suitable for the production process. If the method is not used properly, it will also affect the whitening effect of the foam board, so the fluorescent whitening agent must be dispersed with other raw materials when adding evenly.

3. Some foam board manufacturers will say that the above two points are well done, but the effect is still not obvious. If this is the case, some medium can be used to dissolve the fluorescent whitening agent in advance.

4. Choosing a high-quality fluorescent whitening agent is the most important thing. Some low-quality fluorescent whitening agents may have many problems in terms of safety and hygiene, which causes people to use such PVC foam boards for a long time to cause great damage to the body.

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