What Problems May Occur in the Extrusion Process of PVC Foam Boards?

What Problems May Occur in the Extrusion Process of PVC Foam Boards?


PVC foam board extrusion is the most critical step in the manufacturing process, and it is also more prone to problems. Today, let’s talk about what problems may occur in the extrusion process of PVC foam board.

What Problems May Occur in the Extrusion Process of PVC Foam Boards?
what problems may occur in the extrusion process of PVC foam board

The extrusion operation of PVC foam boards is completed by the extruder, which is also an indispensable step in the manufacturing process. If improper operation occurs in the extrusion process of PVC foam boards, the following situations are prone to occur. Sounda will share with you the reasons and solutions for the failure of the PVC foam board during the extrusion process, hoping to help you.

Foam board bending

The first thing to check is whether the shaping die and the die are aligned. Generally, the board bending upward maybe because the shaping die is not aligned with the die, and the position is high; while the wall panel is bent downward because the shaping die is off. Low condition. In the case that the shaping die and the die have been aligned, check whether the water cooling tank, traction and saw table is aligned with the shaping model.

After these reasons are eliminated, there may be two other causes of bending:

(1) The cooling degree of PVC board products is not enough, and the temperature after the water cooling tank is still relatively high, which will be distorted under the condition of external force.

The specific adjustment method is to increase the cooling water volume of the shaping mold and the water cooling tank or find a way to reduce it. The cooling water temperature will directly reduce the production speed if it fails;

(2) The discharging speeds on both sides are inconsistent, adjust the temperature on both sides of the mold to the same and observe for half an hour. If there is no change, see which side the discharging speed is slow, then increase the temperature of which side by a few degrees, or which side is discharging. Quickly lower the temperature on either side by a few degrees.
Partially uneven PVC foam board
Generally, the local unevenness of the board is mainly caused by the vacuum setting section of the setting die. If the vacuum degree is not enough, or the cooling water of the shaping mold is not enough, the adjustment method is to increase the amount of cooling water in this part and increase the vacuum degree through water sealing to speed up the cooling rate of the wallboard products. If the local water is boiled to the maximum and it is not level, then remove the shaping mold and clean it.

The overall surface is not smooth
The reason is that the overall temperature of the mold is too high or the vacuum pump of the extruder is not working properly. Reduce the temperature of the mold by a few degrees or clean the vacuum pump of the extruder.

Foam board cracked

See if the board is damaged and water has entered, or the content of lubricant in the formula is too high, or a relatively inferior stabilizer is used.

The density is too large and the foaming is not good
First, look at whether the lubrication is balanced. You can appropriately reduce the amount of foaming agents or increase the number of regulators to see if it is effective and adjust according to the feedback.

Pay attention to the condition of the equipment and the cleanliness of the environment during the production of PVC foam boards.

(1) Whether the host current and head pressure are appropriate;

(2) The temperature on the temperature control console and whether each ammeter can work normally;

(3) Whether the temperature of the main motor and gearbox is too high;

(4) Whether the vacuum pump is normal;

(5) Whether the thermocouple of the mold can be inserted to the end.

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