The Characteristics and Application Scope of Pvc Coated Tarpaulins

The Characteristics and Application Scope of Pvc Coated Tarpaulins


PVC-coated tarpaulins are coated with a special process, have a variety of characteristics and advantages, and have a wide range of applications. This article will specifically share the characteristics and application scope of PVC-coated tarpaulins.

The Characteristics and Application Scope of Pvc Coated Tarpaulins
the characteristics and application scope of PVC-coated tarpaulins

PVC-coated tarpaulins are to add a coating agent on the basis of the white embryo. The process of PVC coating tarpaulin is in the artificial leather production process. The plastic particles should first be heated and stirred into a paste, and evenly coated on the T/C knitted fabric.

According to the specified thickness, the base enters the foaming furnace for foaming, so that it can adapt to the production of different products and different requirements of softness and hardness. The followings are the characteristics and application scope of PVC-coated tarpaulins.

The PVC coated tarpaulin is made of the glass fiber cloth, glass cotton cloth, and chemical fiber cloth as the base cloth, and is coated with a special process. Corrosion; anti-aging; anti-ultraviolet; easy to clean; high-temperature resistance, good heat preservation, and other characteristics, the thickness can be coated according to its purpose.

There is also a kind of PVC calendering, is the base fabric is coated first, the PVC slurry is first made into a PVC paste according to the formula, and the PVC film of a certain thickness is pressed by a special machine, and then pressed on the base fabric at high temperature, and dried and cured. , And then cut and roll, this kind of product feels harder. PVC-coated tarpaulins can also be added with a waterproofing agent. After the PVC coating can be waterproof, the use is more extensive.

The PVC-coated tarpaulin is usually made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This chemical material can remain stable at a high temperature and a certain low temperature (-20℃~60℃) and has good sun protection and moisture resistance. Anti-mildew function. Its hardness and mechanical strength are also better than most chemical materials. The breaking strength, tearing strength, and tearing elongation of tarpaulins made of high-density polyethylene is once better than other traditional tarpaulins.

At the same time, the joints of the PVC tarpaulin are treated with high-temperature pressing, which can be 100% joined and 100% water-proof. When the water droplets fall on the surface of the cloth, the water droplets slip off immediately with a light flick. The texture of the PVC-coated tarp is smooth and smooth, and there is PVC slurry in the gaps of the cloth, so there is no need to worry about water leakage.

PVC-coated tarpaulins are widely used in construction, transportation, sun shading, storage, advertising, sports equipment, entertainment facilities, and are used to make truck tarpaulins, tent materials, inflatable materials, sun-shading materials, etc.

1. Tarpaulins: PVC-coated tarpaulins are widely used in tarpaulins for train and automobile transportation, and tarpaulins for grain storage, docks, and warehouses. (Mainly waterproof)

2. Air duct cloth: PVC coated tarpaulins can be made into drilling tower clothing, various tents, mine ducts, etc. (Mainly waterproof, fire-proof, cold-proof, anti-corrosion, etc.)

3. Thermal insulation: PVC-coated tarpaulins can also be used to wrap various pipes and equipment and can be cut into strips.

4. PVC-coated tarpaulins can be made into the fireproof tape.

5. PVC-coated tarpaulins can be used as a fireproof electric welding blanket (for electric welding protection of ships, etc.), fireproof isolation barriers, and fireproof tents.

6. PVC-coated tarpaulins can be used as architectural membrane material and be made into various landscape projects.

7. PVC-coated tarpaulin can be used to build all kinds of tents, temporary houses, etc.

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