How to Clean Canvas Fabric?

How to Clean Canvas Fabric?


Properly cleaning canvas fabric can make it last longer, the following are some cleaning tips, I hope they can help you.

How to Clean Canvas Fabric?
Plain weave made of cotton, linen, or hemp. Very durable and sturdy, often used in sneakers and handbags. Cotton canvas is suitable for long-term storage because it is breathable and insect-resistant. Waterproof canvas can be used in some outdoor facilities

On-site processing

To clean things like canvas materials or canvas sofas, start with pretreatment. Some canvas bags and other canvas items lose stiffness and structure when washed. To prevent material or construction changes, we recommend on-site treatment.

For a topical treatment, wet the wash and apply gently to the stained area.

Remove soap and dirt with a damp, lint-free cleaning cloth - make sure to remove all soap. Wet the cloth as needed and repeat the process until satisfied.

Skip to drying and finishing steps, then continue steaming.


When washing, always pretreat stains with a conditioner or washing up liquid.

Bleach is ideal for protein and tannin stains, such as wine, coffee, ink, grass, urine, blood, and old fixed stains.

After removing dirt, grease, oil, and makeup. To remove odors, pre-soak stained canvas in hot water mixed with 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar for 30 minutes.

Machine wash

Wash the canvas with hot water in a normal cycle of detergent for the deepest cleaning effect. Wash similar colors and fabrics together.

If your canvas items are dirty, dirty, or moldy, add bleach to your pretreatment or wash cycle.

Dry and finish

Cotton and linen can be tumble-dried at high temperatures; however, canvas items, such as handbags and sneakers, are best thread-dried to maintain their shape.

To remove wrinkles, iron canvas fabric on the highest temperature setting, or with steam.

For a fresh look between uses, a fabric spray can be sprayed on after washing to add fragrance while removing odors!


Always store items clean. Storing in plastic causes yellowing and traps moisture that causes mold, which is a prime environment for bugs. All technologies are based on textile science. Not all garments behave and react as science predicts.

The above describes the cleaning steps of the canvas. If you have any questions or want to buy, please contact us.

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